Black Seedless Grapes

Sharad Seedless (Black Seedless)


It is the most famous type of grape in Color variety. The berry is large in size, sweet in taste and comes in oval size. The berry is very crunchy compared to other varieties of grapes with large bunch size.

The season for Sharad Seedless in India starts from 15th Nov and last till 15th March.

The other specifications for Thomson Seedless are as below:

  • Packaging :
    Bulk : 4.5 Kg, 8.2 Kg and 9.0 Kg
    In Punnets : Box of 10 Punnets of 500Gms Each (10 X 500 Gms)
  • Berry Size : 18+
  • Color : Uniform Black
  • Brix (Sugar Level) : 17+
  • Bunch Weight : From 400-800 Gms
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